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The only waY that works is to make your own ruler.

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Redefine it so that what used to be a 6 inch rule for 7th grade dance is now marked 8 inches. You now have an 8 inch penis.

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Just use the right measuring tool. Why do you want to be more likely to cause pain to your partner? Why do you want to have to stay two inches further away picture your GF instead of in to the hilt.

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What is your imagined benefit from being 3 inches longer than average and so not fit comfortable the average woman. Or is purn sex move that you actually want it for showing off as a male stripper?

I saw some pictures of a guy with a 10 incher. His big claim to fame was dick series of inch of a small lady lowering herself onto his shaft and in a few minutes manages to take all of it up into her. She was unusual in that she could do it.

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