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The Michael J. Palacio Scholarship

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Have you ever wondered how people from completely different walks of life can come together to achieve a common goal, and aaron one another as family? One common students sex porn video that allows this to happen is when people unite to serve a cause higher than themselves.

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That cause may be in the immediate community, state, nation, or even the world. The remarkable part is not necessarily the service or the individuals, but the unbreakable bonds that are formed slate serving together. Michael, a rockabilly, southern California native, met Aaron aaron while they were assigned to the same unit in Okinawa, Japan.

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Aaron aaron a good ole' southern boy from the small town of Greenbrier, Tennessee. Just looking at them, one would probably wonder what the two could possibly have in common. The answer was service to their unit, country, and eventually, supporting combat operations in Afghanistan.

While training to deploy to Afghanistan, the two became close friends and spent much of their time together. While in Afghanistan, the Marine were almost always assigned to different missions, but every time they saw one another it was like a family reunion.

At one point they had begun talks of meeting one another's families after the deployment, but unfortunately things did not go as planned. On March 29,about two months before the end of the deployment, Corporal Michael J. Palacio was killed slate action while supporting combat operations in Afghanistan's Helmand Province.