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August ames real life

Porn star August Ames’ suicide may be more than what it seemed

By Michael Blaustein. January 1, Spoiler alert: On Dec. The cause of death was asphyxiation from hanging. A brutally simple narrative quickly formed around her suicide.

At the same time, it contextualizes porn stars Jessica Drake and Jaxton Wheeler, two of the major villains from the original narrative, while discovering new actors and events which helped push Ames over the edge.

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They make the argument that her last scene was the real trigger for her suicide. The Twitter bullying may have been the icing on the cake, as some people described it. Ronson and Misitzis felt comfortable coming to this conclusion because they were able to get access to text messages Ames sent to a friend about the scene. Before any of that, however, Ronson and Misitzis establish their bona fides by taking an ax to two of the main pillars of the cyberbullying oops nude clips.