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She is seen sneaking into Bunny's spicy big booty room and trying on Bunny's Huge clothes before Bunny can find her.

Bunny is concerned that little Sammie is late, but soon discovers Sammie has been in her dressing room all the time glamazon and trying on Bunny's Gigantic Lingerie, Bras and clothes. From there on Bunny takes over as they compare and get to know each other.

Bunny is convinced the he is sertainly not worthy for such a position.

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Little Bunny tries to prove to Bunny that he really can "service" her like she has clips been "serviced". They start by comparing each others body as she verbabley humilates him. In this clips we see Bunny Dominating and Destroying her tiny weak slave-girl.

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In this clip, Bunny finds her slave-girl playing pool. Bunny gets pissed-off and starts the Domination. Bunny gets very angry with "amazon" Bella and starts to prove to Bella by measuring her tiny body as Bunny starts measuring Bella and Bella measuring Bunny.