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Brianna is training a new employee, Ivory, at the Department of Beta Control. The first appointment of the day is case number This male has goddess been left by his girlfriend. The law states that all uncoupled males must report themselves to star e knight department of beta control for immediate assessment.

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The women make the male strip out of its clothes and start to masturbate for them. Keys sent to the state often sit there for a while and collect dust. The beta tries to explain that his brian jerked him off three times yesterday before she broke up with him. He swears that he normally is bigger than six inches.

The only thing that matters is how he measures today. The beta measures well under the required six.

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He will be locked, and his key will be held by the state until he can find a keyholder. Check payable to the Department of Beta Control.

Goddess Foot Domination - Goddess Brianna - Vulnerable Foot Slave

After locking him and informing him of the fee, the officers tell the beta that he will also be administered a state required foot. The beta is in disbelief, but what can he do but comply? Brianna wants her son to look just as pretty and polished.