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There is celebration in the air. Since then, there have been attempts to change the decision — lucy anne video finally the hearing is over, and soon the decision is due.

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I was in Calcutta, the city of my birth, the day homosexuality was legalised in Indian remember crying when I heard the news being flashed on television. Within moments of the decision, texts started getting sent around and an impromptu vigil was planned outside Nandan.

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By the time I arrived the place was heaving with people. There were colours flying all around and the media had gathered to document what was quite a spectacle.

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I gay up in Calcutta under the shadow of Section which effectively criminalised homosexuality and has been used almost exclusively against LGBTQ individuals who continue facing harassment and blackmail. I belonged to what in my opinion was a pretty liberal working family. My father is a Marxist and supported the Communist Party of India.

Public holidays often meant going to party meetings where discussions ranged from issues around nuclear bombs, capitalism and marriage, with names such as Paul Robeson and Friedrich Teen thrown in healthily — but sexuality was never discussed except in hushed tones.