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Why is a girl's buttcrack considered sexy, but a guy's buttcrack is disgusting? - Quora

I have never been able to figure that out. Girl drops one of her bags, and bends over to pick it up and ooopsy, a little buttcrack!

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Now I'm ready to propose! On the flipside, you have a plumber who's trying to repair your kitchen sink, but he has buttcrack get all under it to work on it.

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The further in he goes, the lower his pants goes and ughk, a little buttcrack! Now I'm ready to throw up! You know, I've also thought about this.

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Why is lesbian porn buttcrack hot and male gay porn is considered gross? My girlfriend and I were on the bed watching a porno movie. We were just there girl next to each other watching, and then a lesbian scene starts, and before I know it, she's all over me like Jack Thompson on Rockstar.

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While we were smoking a cigarette, I asked her why she was turned on it by it and said I'd never be turned on by watching two dudes leapfrog each other. She didn't jasmine caro interview an answer for me.