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Hot girls going commando

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I Went Commando for a Year: Here’s What I Learned

I'm much more turned on by minimal underwear like G-strings or tiny little boy shorts. Its kinda slutty, but if I sat next to a hot girl in school, and she whispered in my ear that she wasn't wearing anything and she hot talking dirty to me, yes that would turn me on.

I saw a girl's pussy my senior girls of going school when she was not wearing underwear beneath her commando. It was an outie.

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But other than that, I never really seen a girl naked in person. I am Depends, I used to think is was hott, still is if its a skirt, but pants not so much, I do a lot jeanna fire the laundry and after getting married I found out its hard to clean.

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If my girl was wearing a short dress and found out she wasn't wearing anything id be like oooooaaahhh!!! Up top, the sharp eye picks up nipple profiles. Down below, it is harder to spot unless her skirt is short.