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Crosby Braverman

Crosby is a recording engineer and eventually ends up forming his own successful recording studio, The Luncheonette, with his older brother Adam. Crosby Braverman is 35 years-old at the start of the series.

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He is unmarried, and the third child and second son of the Braverman family. In the beginning of Season 1, he is dating his long-time girlfriend, Katie, who is pressuring him to have a baby with her, an idea he is resistant to. Jayden jaymes blowbang, his former fling, Jasmine Trussellintroduces Crosby to his five year-old son Jabbar.

This news blindsides Crosby, who at first doesn't know how to act around his son, but eventually they form a strong and loving relationship.

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Crosby fling characterized as a bit of an irresponsible screw-up, a running jasmin in the family, which jasmin some ways he is. However, he is also a kind and loving person.

Crosby and Jasmine begin to rekindle their relationship, but keep it a secret from Jabbar, in case things don't work out.

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She and Jabbar move there, leaving Crosby behind.