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Kenichi the mightiest disciple miu naked

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My backup flashdrive naked months out of date and didn't have Paint on it. I left it alone because I decided it worked ok x-art watch a one shot, but I wanna continue it now. Oh, and I said this could really be lower rating depending on one's view on nudism, but the chapters to come earn the T rating via language and various secondary topics brought up.

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I realize upon re-reading the first chapter that even Kisara's mentions kenichi rape and of Miu not "getting off" on being naked push this into the T rating. Same things I said last chapter still apply, I don't own Kenichi, this is intended to be non-sexual, etc.

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Kenichi, Miu, and the masters still miu enough the kill a normal human, Miu still cooked and shemale pantyhose videos and put up with Honoka's hostile protectiveness of her brother, and Kenichi still had no clue what had Miu so giddy. The only major differences were probably that Miu spent a lot more time with Kisara and Miu's reflexes seemed to have reached near master levels as Kensei hadn't managed to slap disciple butt all week.

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Come Saturday Miu was pleased to find herself alone at the dojo, as all the masters were all out on various business and Mightiest was out doing some special training AKA earning some money in the underground fights with Sakaki. They would all be gone for the weekend, and Miu had taken advantage of this immediately.

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She took a nice long bath in the hot springs after the last master left and headed back to the house without dressing just in time for lunch.

Just as she sat down to eat she heard a beep from the surveillance system miget sex had Niijima install He didn't know why, of course and looked at the monitor to see Kisara at the gates.

A bit more had changed for Kisara than for Miu.