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Korean sex tapes

SEOUL — Police in South Korea questioned two K-pop stars and two other best corset porn resigned on Thursday, as accusations of sex tapes, sex and secret chat about rape rocked the music industry and hit entertainment stocks.

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The blame game triggered by accusations against the boyish stars who epitomize an industry that carried South Korean pop culture to the global stage is rooted in concerns the business has neglected morality in its lust for fame and fortune. Singer Lee Seung-hyun, 28, better known by the stage name Seungri, tapes suspected of paying for prostitutes for foreign businessmen to drum up investment in his business.

On Wednesday, Jung admitted to having shared videos he took secretly while having sex with women. He appeared at the same police station earlier on Mfc free to help police with an investigation into suspicions that he distributed the videos.

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Lee and Jung were both members of korean chat groups where secret sex tapes were shared, sex men joked about drugging and raping women, the broadcaster SBS said. A third performer, Yong Jun-hyung, expressed remorse in a post on Instagram about watching a sex tapes shared by Jung, and making inappropriate comments on it.

Sex, lies and video: Scandals rock K-pop world

In a statement late on Thursday, FNC Entertainment said singer Choi Korean would leave the band FT Island after chat messages suggested a police official helped hide the fact that Choi had been caught drunk driving, Yonhap news agency said.

In a message posted on Instagram, Choi apologized, expressed embarrassment and regret, and said he would be ending his entertainment career, but did not address specific accusations. A petition for the president to crack down on predatory and corrupt practices exposed by the scandals has drawn more thansignatures.

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