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Naked girl in the window

THIS steamy picture of five friends in a bath is causing a storm online While the women pose smiling, laughing and covering their topless bodies, there is in fact something rather sinister going on behind them. If you take a look beyond the pink-tiled room, you'll see something else in the background of the photo. On closer inspection, it the clear the shape is the silhouette of a man peeping through the window window.


However, this isn't the first time that half-naked photos have gone viral for the wrong reason. Unfortunately for this beach goer, a poorly-timed photo made her bikini choice look less than innocent. Girl the men in the photo stand around drinking and smoking cigars, a girl is naked the opposite direction. Unbeknown to her, the welivetogether porn of the man's arm in front of her completely conceals her bikini bottoms, making it look like she is flashing her bare bum at the camera.

Prudence Heward, Girl in the Window, | Art Books | Art Canada Institute

This unfortunate mishap has tallied up over 80, views on Imgur, forcing viewers to take a double take. And these hilarious snaps hinting that something VERY rude is going on will make you look twice.

face in floor foot worship

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