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Pretty pregnant sex

The first time I got pregnant, I spent nine and a half months waiting to experience the orgasm to end all orgasms.

The Lies We Tell Pregnant Women

Google "pregnant sex" and, chances pregnant, you'll quickly discover that — for many women — the meeting of sperm and egg magically transforms one's home into the Bunny Ranch.

Read a few stories and you'll begin to think there are more Kama Sutra positions and sex toys being put into play after a positive pregnancy test than throughout all of the years these couples were dating. And to them I say: Good for you. Pregnant you reap the benefits of sex estrogen, progesterone, and your newly minted enormous breasts.

Will It Hurt the Baby? Plus 9 More Questions About Safe Pregnancy Sex

But if you needed me when I was pregnant, you would have found me on the couch, happily creating new pretty in pretty cloistered state of celibacy, thank you very much.

And, believe me, I'm not a puritanical person. My husband and I were extremely sexual pre-pregnancy. I love sexI love my husband, and I love having sex with my husband.

The Lies We Tell Pregnant Women | The Mantle

Naturally, the revelations I found all over the Internet about crazy hot, highly orgasmic interracial group sex sex made me very excited indeed. I wasn't visibly pregnant yet, and there were only three clues that could give it away: I didn't ask my husband to explain his lukewarm reaction.

As the newly pregnant lady, I had recently acquired this incredible sense of I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-want-I' m-pregnant arrogance that pervaded nearly every decision I made, from what we would eat that night to the horrible shows we'd binge-watch.