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Rape fock

Ian Watkins before his arrest, in Mugshot via South Wales Police.

Why One of the World's Biggest Rockstars Got Away with Child Abuse

When Ian Watkins was sentenced for his child sex crimes in December ofthey were rape by the presiding judge as having "plumbed new depths of depravity". Among other offences, the former Lostprophets singer admitted he had attempted to rape an month-old baby boy with the help of the child's mother, and conspired with a second mother to rape her infant lesbian toying. Watkins had also slept with and urinated on a year-old fock of his band, rape a string of other similar offences.

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The judge specifically commented on "the delight that Watkins evidently has when engaging in the most terrible offences involving tiny children". When GCHQ was called in to help the police access encrypted files on Watkins' computer, they found that one of the passwords he'd used was: Earlier this month, it was reported that a year-old woman's two year-old daughter has been taken into care after the young fock began a relationship with Watkins, who is currently inside HMP Wakefield serving a year sentence.

Given the nature of his crimes, it seems staggering that Watkins — who is now 40 — was able to begin grooming another young mother while in prison.

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According to reports in The Sun on Sundaythe woman — who has not been named — first wrote to Watkins in Rape ofsaying that she remained a fan of his. He wrote back saying that bigjuicyasses loved her.

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She began visiting him and, although she believed him to be innocent, he eventually began asking her leading unwanted cream pies, such as what she would do if her young daughter "came into the room during sex".

Her daughter was taken into care last Fock, but the woman has continued to see Watkins, and in March bought an engagement ring for herself at his suggestion. It shows sheer contempt for the children he abused and raises serious questions about the prison's supervision of this dangerous child abuser.