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South African prisoners may be faced with round-the-clock monitoring with the possible installation of CCTV cameras. He further noted the sex of the cameras does not raise significant privacy issues since wardens do enter cells at will. The CCTV footage, Muntingh explained, in order to maintain respect for the dignity sex prisoners, should be facilitated by same-sex staff. In addition, the Department of Correctional Services will have to ensure that recordings are not distributed or leaked.

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Muntingh, however, noted that the installation of the CCTV cameras may not guarantee a decrease in violence. There is more evidence that there may be a fewer incidence of violence, but then it is more severe.

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Younger prisoners in many instances, therefore, leave prison with more tendencies to partake in a life of crime. The security of monitoring each prisoner, Muntingh therefore asserts, remains challenging, especially since South Africa is home to prisons. The Centre for Prison Reform has, therefore, urged the department to address the issue of sexual violence in a much more effective manner by providing dynamic security, by improving the screening process, and cameras educating prisoners on mechanisms of protection within the prison system.

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