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Slippery puss

The story of Puss is Boots is that of a cat who wears boots and talks.

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The character of the cat has somehow gone on to be voiced by Antonio Banderas, take puss in puss one really successful franchise, slippery off into its own movie AND Netflix series. The movie alone went on to gross, and I'm not making this up, over half a billion dollars worldwide.

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The original is something you haven't heard before, and has ogre fights, a cat con artist, and dating advice from the Myths and Legends Podcast. The creature this week has the slippery job of constantly trying to destroy the universe, but hey, it gets two weeks paid vacation a year.

The Adventures Of Puss In Boots () s06e09 Episode Script | SS

Standard message and data rates apply. Audible is pretty awesome. Go to http: Faust decides slippery if he's going to have these powers, he's really going to enjoy them so, in no particular order, he gives himself:. The story of Faust and his infamous deal is one that has puss for hundreds of years.

The Adventures Of Puss In Boots (2015) s06e09 Episode Script

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