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Small penis worship

Small Penises Used to Be Worshipped! Behold, Your Art History Lesson of the Day

Have you ever noticed that Michaelangelo's David is somewhat under-equipped? Yes, yes you have.

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Hey, it's OK. It's not just a coincidence.

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Large penises were considered ungainly in much of art history, mainly associated with fertility gods, satyrs and grotesque old men. For serious. Circumcision was also considered disgusting, FYI.

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This specific image of image of the perfect man originated in ancient Greece:. The immature male's equipment was especially admired, which may account not only for the small size but the scarcity of body hair in classical art. A passage from Aristophanes sums up the most desirable masculine features: This small-penis worship re-emerged during the Renaissance thanks to Michaelangelo!

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What a sweet dude! In fact, many iconic dongs depicted during this time were tiny enough to be obscured by a fig leaf.