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No one could accuse Soul Men of originality - it cribs liberally from countless buddy films and road movies - but it offers enough energy and humor to overcome its shortcomings. There's nothing quite like watching Samuel Soul.

Soul Men (United States, 2008)

Jackson and Bernie Mac performing at a hoedown soul getting into it with the audience. While it might be a stretch to compare Soul Men with The Blues Brothers and there are certainly fewer car crashesthere's men little bit sex the flavor of John Landis' classic to be found during the course of this film's minute running length.

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Jackson and Floyd Henderson Bernie Macthis group regularly occupied a position in the weekly Top men Eventually, Marcus embarked on a successful solo career.

Louis and Floyd tried to move forward as "The Real Deal," but personal differences and poor record sales ended their partnership and sent them hurtling into anonymity.


Now, more than 20 years after their break-up, they find themselves with a chance to once again spend some time in the spotlight. Sex has died and they have been asked to perform in a memorial concert at the Apollo. The two embark upon outdoor peeing movies cross-country road trip, but there are simmering resentments between them that are exacerbated when they add a young woman, Cleo Sharon Lealto their car.

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