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Sweet little breasts

Here's the truth: But you ask, "OK, granted, guys like breasts, but do they find a particular size sweet attractive than another?

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I say the little is xxx granny videos because I've observed my guy friends over time, and they are sometimes interested in little gals, then a sweet months later, the same guy will be crushing on a skinny girl sporting an A-cup.

While I suppose all guys have a preference for a certain look, most guys will find a girl attractive is she breasts 1 clean breasts 2 in reasonably good physical condition.

My Small Breasts and I

I had a college roommate who actually wore an AA bra the typical training bra sizea size most of us girls grew out of in a matter of a month or two after we grew into it. I'm telling you this to lay the groundwork for her favorite one-liner when the topic of breast size came up: And she never had a shortage of guys wanting to go out with her. It's not about the breasts, it's about the overall package.

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I always hope not, but I fear the answer might be a yes. Come on, Guys, man up!

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