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Switching teams free

Switch Teams in Pokémon GO

You're locked into your choice at the start, but thanks to a recent addition to the game, if you're wondering how to change team in Pokemon Go, it's now possible. The new Pokemon Go Team Medallion item is available for anyone to use if you want to switch allegiances and we've got all the details on how it works in Pokemon Go.

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Read on for everything you need to free about how to change switching in Pokemon Go and the bonnie lynn naked Team Medallion item.

To change team in Pokemon Go, you simply have to purchase the Team Medallion item from the in-game shop.

How to change team in Pokemon Go with the Team Medallion

Now free are a few caveats with this. The first is that one Team Medallion or to change team once costs 1, coins. Unless you save up your coins from defending gyms, of course.

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The teams important aspect to mention is that you can only buy a Team Medallion once every days, or once a year. You need to be switching certain you want to change team teams once you do, you can't revert that decision for an entire year.

You don't have to use the Team Medallion right away though, because it wil just sit in your inventory until you've decided which team to join.