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The making of the emily and mike photo session

Posted by Christine Wheat on June 14, Category: What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple in Saratoga. We were thrilled to return to Saratoga National Golf Club on June 1 to coordinate the wedding day of Emily and Mike — a super sweet couple who love organization, they are right up my ally!

The morning started at the amazing home of a family friend where Emily and her bridesmaids were getting ready.

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This was such a romantic look. And, of course, there should be pink utensils, plates and napkins — it bent over in skirt wedding day after all!

JP and Joe Elario arrived right on time to start capturing photos of all the small details. The best time to get shots of these little details is while the girls are getting ready.

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The obvious details are the dress, shoes, and rings, but I always suggest brides think about any less obvious details they want photographed — like their perfume, or a little keepsake tied into their dress, or a special hair clip. And shortly after, Kris Ann from Fleurtacious Designs arrived with the bouquets — love that moment when a bride sees her bouquet.

Even Alayne had to take a break to let that bouquet beauty shine! And it was a phenomenal backdrop for photos…. Next up on the itinerary was getting the bride dressed. I especially adored this image of mom helping Emily with her finishing touches.