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Vanessa del rio dracula

One night, overcome with passion, he drags her from her bed chambers and violates the terrified young virgin in front of his inebriated underlings.

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Finding her lifeless body, the inconsolable Count pulls the dagger from her fatal wound and plunges it into his own chest, thereby giving birth to…the Curse of Dracula! Fox, looking mighty fine by the hidden showers, does one of the funniest sex scenes ever as she dresses up as a precocious little girl to extract important information from a corrupt Albanian official, indelibly played by her regular screen partner and sometime boyfriend Bobby Astyr.

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As can be expected, Vanessa singlehandedly ups the raunch factor with a frenzied group grope, draining del formidable stallions as Ron Hudd, Dave Ruby the Dracula Bundy of porn and Ashley Moore from their vital fluids. He never allows his visual flair to get in the way of good old fashioned storytelling skills though, working through a convoluted plot at nearly breakneck speed, tossing off genuinely funny gags left and right while still finding time for tokyo japan sex requisite number of well-done carnal encounters.

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Vanessa del Rio.