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Voyeurism at the beach

The first time I went away on vacation alone with my girlfriend proved to be an eye-opener to say the least for this young man.

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Michelle was nineteen, a tall five-nine, with a beautifully-proportioned figure featuring long legs and a full heart-shaped ass which looked great in her bikini. Her the had a mesmeric quality, bright green and dazzling beneath a strawberry-blonde sweeping mane, complimented by her high cheekbones and full lips. She had a smile to match her eyes for illumination and I'd be beach if I didn't admit that her full breasts were the cherry, or cherries, on the cake.

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I was a happy bloke to enjoy such a fine fun creature's company so I was more than eager to get away for a fortnight with her to somewhere warm and sunny and requiring much less clothing. We booked up to the Canary Islands in Southern Europe and headed down there for an exciting holiday.

We spent a great time in Gran Canaria's south, hitting the bars and clubs til the small hours and recovering on the vast expanses of golden beaches during the day. Naturally, there was a frenzy of lovemaking every night and my carnal knowledge of Michelle grew considerably.

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Until the holiday we had been going out some nine months; I knew she'd had two boyfriends before me and that she'd slept with both. I kept my own conquests to myself, as most blokes do, lying about five or so 'meaningless' flings. Michelle was as enthusiastic about sex as she was about life and twice during our stay I found myself dragged onto our balcony at night for some passionate fun.

I even sat there voyeurism happily one morning sipping water while she www porntube free com me before breakfast.

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Down on the beach I began to notice she'd get frisky late afternoon, commenting on other sunbathers and occasionally trying to get me aroused with a grope or sexy talk or even a flash of her lightly-trimmed pussy, daring to tug her bikini aside and bare her full, meaty pussy lips and bush.