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A Houston sicko who recorded the unspeakable torture and killing of animals has been hit with a women prison term. Brent Justice, 54, was sentenced Monday for producing "crush" fetish videos, which depict women killing small animals.

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Ashley Richards, the woman seen in Justice's videos, had pleaded guilty to three counts of animal cruelty in and was given a year prison sentence. Richards, wearing little clothing, used high heels, meat cleavers and other weapons to kill small animals in the videos.

Crush fetish

Both Justice and Richards, now 25, were arrested in after PETA crush authorities aware of pornvideo criminal behavior.

Richards can be seen in the videos chopping off limbs of animals and urinating on them, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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The couple tortured and killed puppies, kittens and a chicken, the paper reported. Skip to content. Most Read.

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Fetish found dead with neck cut open in Queens apartment. She stabbed a cat's eye with her shoe heel in one of the videos, the Chronicle reported.

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